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Traditional smart lighting controllers focus toward controlling LED grow lights which may not work best with many crops such as tomatoes. With such a high cost it does not deliver similar light intensities which many of the growers still use, without an efficient control for HPS lights, growers cannot optimize growth and energy utilization

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Why Nebula?

The Nebula Smart Light System enables you to turn on/off/dim any individual light or group of lights without the need for costly rewiring or buying new light fixtures. Wire the Nebula LCM with any existing LED, fluorescent, or other light to create a smart light control system.

Peak Prediction

Weather Based Optimization

Wattage Range

HPS Control Exclusivity

Works with both HPS and grow lights
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Optimize Growth Based On Weather Prediction

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Custom Zonal Control For HPS Lights

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Lighting Control For High-Pressure Sodium Light

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Increased Flexibility In Lighting Layout

Smart Control With Peak Prediction For Maximum Savings

Traditional Smart Lighting Controllers do not provide efficient control for HPS lights. However, the Nebula Controls provides an artificial intelligence control system to control HPS and LED lights to ensure maximum growth is achieved.

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