Greenhouse Lighting Solutions

Nebula Greenhouse Applications

Only smart lighting control for High-Pressure Sodium Lights

Traditional smart lighting controllers focus toward controlling LED grow lights which may not work best with many crops such as tomatoes. With such a high cost it does not deliver similar light intensities which many of the growers still use, without an efficient control for HPS lights, growers cannot optimize growth and energy utilization, However with Nebula controls it provides an intelligent lighting control system that uses artificial intelligence to control HPS lights to ensure flexibility, optimize growth and makes sure that maximum energy and efficiency is reached.

Smart Control with Peak Prediction for maximum savings

The Nebula control system uses Artificial Intelligence to predict peak times on the Grid. With this tool, growers can be advised beforehand about a potentially expensive time and can take action to minimize their costs by reducing their power draw.

Increased flexibility in lighting layout

Nebula Control system is a distributed control system that allows growers to address each light individually and as groups or zones. These zones are no longer tied to electrical wiring layouts but can be reprogrammed on the fly by growers. This allows for optimal light distribution and flexible. individual control of lights or a customized group of lights.

Custom Zonal Control for HPS lights

Lights can be grouped together in Zones depending on the application and INDEPENDENT of the electrical wiring of the facility because of our distributed control strategy. Customized control of these zones are possible ( This cannot be done with HPS lights currently)

Optimize growth based on weather prediction

Crop growth can be optimized based on predicting weather conditions and fine-tuning light level delivery. These optimizations can be custom tailored for every facility and type of crop.

Reduced Maintenance cost and downtime

Nebula helps growers reduce maintenance cost by predicting the lifetime of the fixtures and alerts operator before a light fixture fails, allowing growers to plan their replacement strategy and minimizing their downtime. Because Nebula is distributed control we replace traditional lighting panel with contact relays, that are expensive and prone to failure.